Complimentary Games

Occasionally we may be invited to play a game(s) and are lucky enough not to be charged for them. This could be during the early stages of the game to test out its strengths and weaknesses (we would make it clear in the review if this was the case) or it could be to play an existing game that we have not managed to play yet. Finally, we may be invited to play in order to help train new staff or similar.

In the first case, care has to be taken when writing up the review as many problems we encounter may be rectified very quickly and so the review may become obsolete fairly quickly.

When playing established games, I will still review the game from a paying customers point-of-view as the average player may not be lucky enough to have been invited down for free. Whilst I would hope it is not the case, it is of course possible that we receive preferential treatment because we are reviewing. However, this would only really impact our experience with the staff not the room itself.

We are so thankful when we are not charged for games as it allows us to do more of what we love doing!

Any questions drop us an email!