About Me

Back in 2017 I played my first escape room with my partner and have been hooked ever since and we play as often as time (and more importantly money!) allows.

Outside University of Magic:Dragons Heart at Lucardo Rawtenstall (photo credit: Lucardo Rawtenstall )

Whenever we are looking at playing games away from our local area (Manchester), I always look at other blogs to help us decide, however there are very few blogs that solely focus on playing the rooms as a pair and how easy/difficult when there is just two of you and so I thought I would start one to help pairs of players decide how suitable rooms are for them. After we have played games, we tend to talk about how much we enjoyed a room and the customer experience the most and so these two things will feature heavily as well.

I started this blog in the early part of 2019 and rooms that we have played recently (within the last 6-12) months will be reviewed in their entirety whereas those played a longer time ago will be more of a summary to keep them as accurate as possible as rooms and memories can evolve and adapt over time.

Whilst we would both class ourselves as enthusiasts, we only really have time (and money) for one game a month or so and so this blog will be a bit of a slow burner. As we have yet to really explore the whole country for our rooms, our current Top 5 are all found in and around the Midlands and Manchester but we hope to visit other areas of the country soon.

If you have any recommendations/questions/comments please dont hesitate to contact us via email or use the “contact us” form. We are always ready to plan our next escape room adventure so do let us know if you have any new rooms opening or even established rooms that you would like us to play 🙂

Also please let me know if you find spelling/grammar mistakes on the sites and I will rectify them. English has never really been my strong point!

Happy Escaping!

Will – reviewtwoescape@gmail.com

P.S All game logos belong to the venue where they have been taken from. Photos post game are either credit by the venue if using their camera or taken on our own phones.