Aladdin (Escape Hunt Norwich)

Game Date: 1st October 2020
Game Number: 49
Price for Two: £50

Game Overview
Enter a mystical cave and retrieve the magic lamp without being trapped underground for eternity.
Step into a mysterious cave where you believe a magical and powerful lamp is hidden within. You and your team are prepared to risk anything to retrieve it. To gain entry to the cave, you have enlisted the help of a local sorcerer. Upon his command of ‘Open Sesame’ the great cave door rolls back. Once inside, your eyes adjust to the dim light and you realise that the cave is full of puzzles and quests designed to guard the treasure hoarded within. Navigate your way through the mysterious cave and seek out the lamp. But be warned – legend states that those who remove the lamp risk the cave’s wrath and could remain trapped for eternity.

Arrival and Introduction
Escape Hunt’s newest location played host to our first in person game since Lockdown. We were visiting family in Norwich and could not resit squeezing a game in. You can find Escape Hunt just outside the Intu centre and there is plenty of space for you to wait before your game if needed. The welcome was warm from our GM (sorry forgot the name!) and we spent some time chatting about the other escape hunt games we have played in Manchester. I have always been impressed with Escape Hunt staff and today was no exception. The game brief was given outside the room and then we were off!

Alas, there was an immediate reset error as the instruction as the door was opened was “its pretty dark, start with finding some light” yet the room was fully lit from the outset which was a shame and meant that some of the adventure of discovering he lights was missing. The room looked the part of the cave but did seem a little on the sparse side – there could have been a lot more decorations, especially give that it was supposed to be the cave of wonders. The puzzles in the room were varied and enjoyable with a couple of puzzles that fed into each other – my biggest criticism was that there just was not that many of them! I was expecting there to be a lot more than there actually was a so was very surprised when we completed the last puzzle and escaped. The flow was good and each puzzle did loosely tie in with the narrative of the room and some novel ways of disguising common puzzles in less common ways.

Ultimately, the game was just too short and we escaped with over 23 minutes left. We only received clues when we had tried to bypass our way to the final puzzle (we think there may have been another reset error and that it should have remained hidden until the end) and it came via a voice within the room. Alas, due to COVID protocols, we were not able to get a photo of our escape.

Whilst the customer experience was great, the room itself was fairly standard and there just was not enough puzzles to fill out a full hour
It did however remind us of why we got so addicted to the escape rooms in the past. As with all of Escape Hunts’ games, whilst Aladdin will never make a Top 10 list, it is still a solid game with no major flaws and so I would certainly play it if you have the time and you happen to be in the area. Pairs of players, even new players, should not find this game too hard.

COVID protocols were followed with masks being worn by all parties at all times and hand sanitiser on entry. Gloves were optional

Customer Experience – 4 out of 5
Theming – 3.5 out of 5
Gameplay – 3 out of 5 (knocked 0.5 off for the reset error)
Enjoyment – 4 out of 5
Overall – 3.5 out of 5

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