Merlin’s Magic Academy (Moviescape Stockport)

Game Date: 20th December 2019
Game Number: 43
Price for Two: £40

Game Overview
Join the Manchester Merlin school of Wizardry and Witchcraft to become a master of the Magic academy, solve the Puzzles and escape the room.
Use real working wands to cast spells…
Create potions…
Free the Mythical Beast.

Arrival and Introduction
Moviescape benefits from being slightly away from Stockport town centre, set within quite a large industrial estate thus there is little issue trying to find suitable parking and also means there is more freedom to be had when designing games – no one likes a game full of cramped tiny spaces because that is all the venue permits! The website does suggest parking on the road just outside to avoid being blocked in but we did not find a problem with this. The reception area is a little on the small side but does offer sofas, drinks and coffee for those that need a pre-game hit of caffeine. Our GM set up a introduction video for us which covered some of the history of the company and game us our game brief. Although interesting the first time around, I imagine future viewings may not be as enjoyable. Another team entered mid way through our briefing and were taken off to another room for their introduction as each of the rooms have their own story intro. There is very little story to go by on the website but you do get a much better idea of your goals from the briefing.

I love magic rooms and they are probably my favourite theme mainly because I love Harry Potter but also because it is a room that easily lends itself to strong themeing. This room is no different, with a nice themed opening room and this continuing throughout the game, although, if I had one gripe, there were too many visible padlocks for my liking. After a bit of a slow start (search fail on our part) we began to make some quick progress through the puzzles which we mainly observation, logic and codes. There was nice flow to the game but I did feel that there were too many occasions were opening one lock or drawer just simply gave you the key to the next one and so on – that said it did mean that it was easy to feel like you were on a roll. As you progress through the game you do get to do more practical magic tasks which is a key component in any magic room.

There is one particular moment right at the end that was a really impressive part of the room – one that I cant say that I have seen before either and one that I certainly will not spoil. Most of the puzzles fitted loosely within the theme but considering the quality of the themeing, we thought that the puzzles were the weakest part of the game. They were by no means poor but relied too heavily on simply inputting a code to receive a key to unlock another lock and so on.

We escaped with over 16 minutes left and to be honest we felt that we could have done it much quicker than that if we had been on form. One stand out was the way of clues being delivered in the room and again is testament to Moviescape’s themeing of their room. We needed two clues – both of which we think were down to ambiguities of the puzzle but was potentially more of an oversight on our part.

Credit: Moviescape

All in all, this was an enjoyable game by a company that puts alot of effort into the theme and design of their room. The puzzles were a little on the easy side and were probably the weakest part of the game. It was by no means the worst magic themed room that we have played but is also quite away behind some of the best that we have played. Our GM did not introduce himself which was shame as he was personable and friendly. Enthusiasts will certainly want to take a smaller team to avoid finish it too quickly – ideally pairs, 3 maximum.

Customer Experience: 3.5 out of 5
Theming: 4 out of 5
Gameplay: 3 out of 5
Enjoyment: 3.5 out of 5

Overall: 3.5 out of 5

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