Magic School (Escape Time Sutton Coldfield)

Game Date: 22/03/2019
Game Number: 24
Price for Two: £44

Game Overview
A storm is brewing and the Enchanted Forest will soon be destroyed and lost forever. Some say the entrance to Magic School is hidden amongst the Enchanted Forest so time is of the essence. Can you find the entrance and learn the spells to become a qualified Wizard or Witch within 60 minutes to stop the storm from destroying the Enchanted Forest thus closing the entrance to Magic School forever.

Arrival and Introduction
We used the Tesco car park opposite Escape Time for this one which gives 3 hours free parking so should be fine for teams unless something goes very wrong! The waiting space is a little cramped and with another team arriving at the same time us us we had filled all available spaces to sit – a third team would make this very cramped indeed! Simon was a welcoming hosts, showed us to the toilets and then to outside the room itself. A generic brief was delivered via video and then Simon came back to answer any questions before the game story was again delivered via a video. As soon as the video ended it was on into the room!

As suggested by the brief the first area is themed like a forest and your role is to find the entrance to the magic school from here. First impressions of this area was that if you are any more than 4 people it may get a little cramped as there was not a huge amount of space. It was however well themed with props you would expect to find in a forest scattered around. A brief search of the room gave us an idea of what we needed to do to continue on and we began. The puzzles in this room were mostly code based, with a number of padlocks to open with each one giving you more information on how you will enter the school. There is a cool system of delivering hints in this room, which definitely adds to the feel of being in a forest. Upon opening the secret door, we ventured into the school itself. The theming continued strongly in the second room which lots of magical paraphernalia around the room. The puzzles in this room focused on helping you to retrieve potion ingredients that had to be mixed together in order to stop the storm from destroying the forest you had just vacated. We made good progress in this room until one puzzle really got us frustrated. However, this was our fault for trying to rush through the puzzle to quickly, as we could see exactly what we needed to do and had all the tools to complete it. This puzzle was the only one in the room that really needed two players to complete and so we wasted a good 15 mins trying to complete it. With the help of the GM we eventually cracked it and set our minds back on retrieving the rest of the potion ingredients. Some of the puzzles in this room seemed a little out of place within a Magic School which ruined the immersion a little as we were left thinking if they had just been added for difficulty. On the other hand there were some cool little puzzles thrown in one “crystal maze” style one which thankfully we managed to get pretty quickly – I can imagine some teams getting stuck here and one based around smell. It was the first time I had come across a smell based puzzle and unfortunately both me and my partner had developed bad colds over the days before our game so what should have been a fun unique puzzle became a bit of a guessing game – not the games fault though!)

We manged to complete the potion and recite the correct spell with just under 7 minutes to go on the clock. We spent a good proportion of the time on one puzzle so we left feeling like we should have done better. Clues came via different ways in each other two rooms and fitted in well with the theme. Simon presented us with our magic school certificate and we were on our way.

Magic School is an enjoyable room with lots of things to do. The aim of the game is clear from the brief and it means that you have a good idea of your progress throughout. There is one puzzle in particular that may frustrate pairs of players as you both really need to be focusing on it and halts your progress in other areas. On top of this there is a lot to do in this room and so was a challenge for us two. Given the small size of the first room 3 players may be best for this room if you are relatively new to escape rooms.

Customer Experience – 3.5 out of 5
Theming – 4 out of 5
Enjoyment – 4 out 5
Gameplay – 3.5 out 5
Overall – 4 out of 5

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