Escape the Wild West (Escape Hunt Manchester)

Game Date: 19/02/2019
Game Number: 22
Price for Two: £50

Game Overview
You’ve struck gold but word got out and now the vultures are circling. Step into the Wild West, where the tiny frontier town of East Victoria is celebrating the discovery of gold. But the celebrations turn sour when news arrives that the bloodthirsty Bill French Gang are on their way to claim the gold – and kill everyone in East Victoria for good measure! With no sheriff around and no cavalry riding to the rescue your only hope is a rusty old locomotive that hasn’t worked in years – but with just one hour to get it going and escape with your lives, you need to think fast and work even faster. There isn’t a second to lose.

Arrival and Introduction
We had just escaped from The Last Viking and were on the classic post-escape room high and we chatting about the fact we needed to return soon to complete some other room as we had enjoyed this one so much. Alex, our previous game master, jokingly suggested that they had some space in most of their rooms right there and then. After we heard it was a slippery slope to booking on the spot for Escape the Wild West. Before booking we grilled Alex about each of the rooms and learnt that Escape the Wild West was much less linear that The Last Viking which suited us very well as we tend to get easily frustrated with strictly linear rooms. Joe led us again through the maze of corridors (at the time of playing they had 4 rooms open, two soon to be open and space for one more I think) and gave us our briefing in a very convincing American accent and in we go.

Again, like The Last Viking we started in a very small room and would be a push for anymore than 4 people to be in comfortably. Luckily we managed to move our way into a much bigger room without any issues. In the second room we were immediately able to see where our final goal would be and started searching the room for puzzles and clues. This second room was full of puzzles and new teams might initially worried about the amount of puzzles, locks and keys that there seemed to be about the room. However, Escape Hunt have made sure that once you solve a puzzle, you either know exactly where to enter it or something obvious happens to assure you that you are on the right track – not an easy feat by any means. Theming was good, with good use of authentic looking props scattered around the room. As a pair, we work best when we are able to split up and work on our own puzzles until we get stuck at which point we come back together to discuss what we had done/where we got stuck and this room allowed us to do that and so it wasn’t long before we were talking to each other about how much we were enjoying the experience. The puzzles in this room were mainly based around locks in various guises and padlocks (but then what would you expect when you goal is to find gold?!) but there was some cool use of technology in this room as well and a couple of fun physical puzzles as well. Our highlight was a tricky logic puzzle, that despite having us initially stumped, we very much enjoyed solving. The final puzzle is undeniably a enjoyable and fitting way to escape with gold but a bit more signposting would have made it even more so – we had 3 clues on completing this puzzle alone.

We found all the gold and all the coal and escaped with a healthy 19.02 minutes reaming. We only took clues on two puzzles and these clues were delivered via Joe’s American accented voice over. Again, annoyingly we cant find our celebratory photo taken on our phones.

We REALLY enjoyed this room – we love the feeling on complete lots of puzzles in a short space of time and this room gave that in abundance, however at no point did it feel like there were too many puzzles for people to complete. A pretty straightforward room for 2, with puzzles that most pairs should be able to work through without much issue. We definitely found that our experience helped make quick logic leaps in a couple of puzzles, which may not be as obvious for those playing their first games.

Customer Experience – 4 out of 5
Theming – 4 out of 5
Enjoyment – 4.5 out of 5
Gameplay – 4 out of 5
Overall – 4 out of 5

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