Corruption (Lucardo Rawtenstall)

Game Date: 14/12/18
Game Number: 20
Price for Two: £44

Game Overview
You are a bunch of cops working on an operation to bust a notorious criminal gang known for car theft, robbery, kidnap and murder. Police headquarters have been tipped off about a hideout and will conduct a raid in 60 minutes’ time. The only problem? You’ve been corrupted and are working with the gang. You’ll need to sabotage the hideout, dispose of incriminating evidence and plant clues to lead your colleagues in another direction. Can you stay one step ahead of the law and escape without a prison sentence?

Arrival and Introduction
We really enjoyed Dragon’s Heart and so we took advantage of Lucardo’s discount if you book straightaway after completing a game. Alas on entering we were told that our games master was running a little late due to traffic and were told to take a seat and grab a drink a free as an apology (a nice touch considering it turns out he was only a few minutes late). Once Dave arrived and apologised once again we were given our game brief and told to take a seat again, whilst Dave nipped to another room to check the game was ready. Now, we had seen what happens next as during our last visit a team was just starting Corruption as we were starting Dragon’s Heart, yet we were still excited as it was such a novel way of beginning a room.

To enter the room, you first retrieve a bag of clean evidence and as your brief explains, its your job to replace the incriminating evidence with the ones in your bag. This provides a clever way of tracking your progress but one that also really fits within the story. The room is initially dark and dingy but does lighten up quickly for those people (like me, who are unappreciative of dark rooms for the sake of dark rooms). There is a awesome centre piece to the room that fits well within theme but must have been a nightmare to put in place. The rest of the room is well themed and full of what you would expect to find (I wont tell you the theme of the room as its best to walk in blind so to speak). There is a decent mix of observation, logic and physical puzzles in the first room and linear to the extent where its clear what you are trying to do – which is open the door to the next area. The second area has a completely different feel to the first but matches as well within the theme of the room. The puzzles in the second room require a bit of searching, good communication and some steady hands and there were some really unique puzzles that we had not seen before. Once we had replaced all the evidence and found the door code we made our way to the exit. I wont say much about what happens next but it was a really unexpected ending and but one that really elevated the immersive experience.

We escaped with 22.41 remaining after one clue on a puzzle that we really should have worked out ourselves. Clues came from a screen in the room and through another means which was also used to check on your progress and give further instructions throughout the room.

Credit: Lucardo Rawtenstall

A brilliant experience from beginning to end which easily puts this game in our Top 5. There seems to be quite a lot to do in this room but the good signposting and lack of ambiguity means that two players shouldn’t struggle too much. A must do room for anyone in the area (or not for that matter). The beginning and end of this room is what stands out the most and it is something I haven’t seen used in escape rooms before.

Customer Experience – 5 out of 5
Theming – 5 out of 5
Enjoyment – 5 out of 5
Gameplay – 5 out of 5
Overall – 5 out of 5

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