Tommy (Unescapable Derby)

Game Date: 11/08/18
Game Number: 17
Price for Two: £50

Game Overview
We need to test that this portal works properly, we’re pretty sure that it does but we just need to be certain! From what we can gather Tommy has landed somewhere in the midst of the Western Front in 1917. There is a very significant chance/the slight possibility that the portal could break when you go through (but it probably won’t don’t worry) If it does though, don’t panic, your team are just going to have to fix the time portal before the bridge collapses and you’re trapped in the past forever.

Arrival and Introduction
We were visiting Derby for a few days and so we made full usage of the Parksafe car park which is supposedly one of the safest in the country and was just a short few minutes walk to Unescapable. When we play rooms we love being immersed in the story from the moment we enter the room, Unescapable ramp it up a notch and start the immersion from the moment that you step through the door. You are greeted by someone in full scientific gear and at no point during the opening brief do they drop the act that you are actually here to test the time travel device alluded to in the game brief. There is a nice centrepiece in the middle of the reception area which really helps with the immersion and pictures of previous players testers litter the walls. After a further brief by our game hosts we began our journey.

Unlike many escape rooms, we did not simply open the door and enter the room! Unescapable have thought about how to make the whole experience as immersive as possible and so to begin the game we had to travel back in time. This was a really cool way to start the game and also helped to establish what we needed to do once we were at our destination. A well themed room should really transport you from the area that you have just left to whatever situation you have found yourself in and this room certainly doesn’t disappoint. Considering that you are a flight of stairs above a main street city centre, the room has a real wartime bunker feel complete with sandbags and sand! The puzzles in this room were good and matched the theme of the room well – they did not feel like they had just been dropped in for the hell of it. We really enjoyed the more physical puzzles that we found throughout the games and we truly felt like we were trying to get back to our own timezone rather than escaping a room. Again, leaving the room wasn’t a simple task either and we returned to the present day as victorious time travellers.

We managed to fix our time portal and return to present day Derby with around 15 minutes to go. We took a few clues on one particular puzzle that we had approached in completely the wrong way, and they were delivered via walkie-talkie. I am generally not a fan of clues being delivered by walkie-talkie as it can sometimes be hard to understand what was being said but if it fits in with the story and theme, which it does here, I don’t mind. This was the first room that we had done that did not have a screen in the room to display time remaining and whilst it would have looked odd for a screen to be found in a wartime bunker I would have liked to have had some kind of timing system rather than having to ask through the walkie-talkie

A really immersive experience from beginning to end and two good game masters who really added another level of immersion with their acting and delivery. There wasn’t a huge amount of puzzles in the room and so pairs should not find this too difficult to complete. If, like us, you enjoy immersion and theming then definitely make you way to Unescapble.

Customer Experience – 5 out of 5
Theming – 5 out of 5
Enjoyment – 4.5 out of 5
Gameplay – 4.5 out of 5
Overall – 4.5 out of 5

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