The Lost Tomb (Extremescape Disley)

Game Date: 22nd March 2018
Game Number: 13
Price for Two: £50

Game Overview
Your team of adventurers & archeologists, enter an abandoned gold mine in the heart of the Mexican mountains, your mission is to find the hidden gold. Legend says that the holder of the hidden gold of El Narangel will find the Lost Tomb. The miners left subtle clues & hints, if you use all your skills you may find the hidden gold and ultimately the Lost Tomb but be careful they the miners won’t give up their gold easily. The  Lost Tomb is now open.

Credit: Extremescape

Arrival and Introduction
This has got to be hands down the most scenic location for an escape room we have ever (or will likely even) visit. Set amongst the rolling hills of the Peak District, Extremescape is located in a farm outbuilding next to Disley Gold Club. Take a right just before the entrance to the golf club and follow the long drive all the way to the car park. Oddly enough the first room you enter once you arrive is a dingy prison cell style room, complete with prison toilet. We were joking told that it wasn’t a real toilet (you have got to wonder if they always gave that warning – haha!) Jess explained that as the room was 90mins long we were free to come and go from the room as we pleased to go to the toilet (I do like this – whilst I have never actually needed to use it, I think its unfair for people to forfeit the room if they leave) and that if we actually over ran the 90 mins, the timer would start counting back up again. It is clear that these rooms focus on he enjoyment of completion as paramount.

There is a small ante room before the main fun starts which sets the scene and has the simple task of opening the door to the mine, inside of which is the hidden entrance to the tomb. The mine was well themed and sparsely decorated (one of my bugbears when rooms are filled with too many red herrings) as you would expect from a mine. The first half of the game focuses around retrieving enough gold bags to continue forward and is non-linear. Puzzles here are quite hands on with observation playing a key part and there is clever use of appropriate technology that would not feel out of place in a real mine. We came a little bit unstuck when we disposed of a vital clue not realising what it was, but thankfully this was not an uncommon mistake and Jess recreated the clue on the screen. Getting into the tomb was a challenge in itself and at points we definitely felt like we were in The Chrystal Maze not an escape room. The themeing ramped up within the Tomb itself with an impressive centre piece and good use of props.We found the puzzle in this room to be little more straight forward with logic and observation to be key. I knocked 0.5 off my gameplay rating as the ending felt a bit flat as initially I was unaware we had actually finished the room!

We escaped with about 15 minutes to go having taken a handful of hints, delivered by voice over and via a screen. We also got our photo printed out after the game which I thought was a great touch and a fantastic addition to our fridge. We chatted we Jess and her husband Graham for a good while after we had finished. They are both so passionate about what they have created and despite our pressing we couldn’t get any hints about their third room beyond the name Viking. It is amazing to see what Graham and Jess have created from an old farm barn.

Credit: Extremescape

What an enjoyable room! At times more Crystal Maze than escape room and a fab mix of physical “hand’s on” puzzle and more traditional puzzles. There is lots of tech hidden in the room as well as tech that you would expect to find within the setting and this creates a really enjoyable game with lots of fab “a-ha” moments when you complete puzzles. There is quite a lot for two people but that is reflected in the time allotted. I would suggest that newbies get a few games under their belts before trying this one to get the most enjoyment out of it.

Customer Experience – 4.5 out of 5
Theming – 4.5 out of 5
Enjoyment – 5 out of 5
Gameplay – 4.5 out of 5
Overall – 4.5 out of 5

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