Espionage (Lucardo Manchester)

Given the length of time since the game, its not fair to write a fully review – games can change and evolve, memories fade and most importantly we hopefully(!) have improved a lot since our early games. This is more of a summary.

Game Date: October 2017
Game Number: 8
Price for Two: £50

Game Overview
The year is 1938, just prior to the outbreak of WWII. You and your team are part of the newly founded British Secret Intelligence Service. The War Office has had a number of classified documents stolen, which are thought to be held in a secret enemy bunker. Intelligence tells us the guards change every hour. Your Mission: crack the bunker security codes and recover the documents before the guards change.

When we first played an escape room at Lucardo, our GM was Orlando and when we returned for our 3rd game here, we were once again greeted by Orlando who, impressively, remember not only us but also what game we had played and how well we did. We were really impressed by this and really showed us that the staff at Lucardo are really invested in the experience and enjoyment of their players (we booked under different names and emails for those cynics who think they just checked the booking history!). The room itself was quite plain (in a good way!) and well decorated according to the theme with authentic props and decorations used throughout. This game was billed as Lucardo’s most straightforward and we certainly did not find it too much of a challenge. There was good used of puzzles in this room, with a couple of ones that would have not looked out of place in the actual time period! The end goal is to retrieve some documents and then find the secret escape to the room – for some reason I always enjoy rooms that have separate entrances and exits.

We escaped this room with 16.19 remaining having taken one clue on a puzzle that we should have solved easily. The clue came via a screen and Orlando did apologise after the game that he gave us the clue as he would have like to have seen us complete it with no clues. Orlando then chatted for a while after the game about which games he had previously enjoyed and which we had not. We always appreciate when GMs talk with us after the game as there is nothing worse than completing the game and then being shown the door.

Credit: Lucardo

A fun room overall and the experience made complete with a friendly and knowledgeable GM. I would highly doubt many teams of 2 would not be able to escape this room.

Customer Experience – 4.5 out of 5
Theming – 4 out of 5
Gameplay – 3 out of 5
Enjoyment – 3.5 out of 5
Overall – 3.5 out of 5

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