Secret Lab (Escape Room Manchester)

Given the length of time since the game, its not fair to write a fully review – games can change and evolve, memories fade and most importantly we hopefully(!) have improved a lot since our early games. This is more of a summary.

Game Date: July 2017
Game Number: 5
Price for Two: £40

Game Overview
You are a news reporter assigned to cover a suspicious incident at a local estate. You find police officers already on the scene in response to blood curling screams from one of the rooms. You soon learn that medical technicians in the building have been infected by something sinister. As a number of technicians were viciously attacked, they try to escape with your news crew, only to find that MI6 have quarantined the entire estate. Internet, televisions and mobile access have been cut-off and officials are not relaying any information to those locked inside. You discover that something terrible has happened and the authorities are trying to conceal the truth.

This is the only game to date that we have actually played with more than just the 2 of us. 5 of us in total attempted what was billed as Escape Room’s most difficult room. After a very standard, and to be honest, unenthusiastic brief we were led into the room. The room was quite bare and finished to what we would say an “ikea” standard. Very standard living room style space. The 5 of us made of way swiftly through the puzzles and into the second room which was themed a little better as this was the “lab” part of the game. We got stuck on one puzzle in particular that we need a clue on but apart form that this room was really not becoming of a 5 star difficulty.

We escape with about 24 minutes to go with one clue taken. Clues were given when requested by a button in the room and then our games master came into the room to discuss when we were and what help we needed. We had to explicitly explain where we were stuck and this gave us the impression that our GM was not actually paying attention to our game which is think is poor.

The room itself was quite straightforward and the clue system ruins any sort of immersion. We could have easily completed this as a pair.

Customer Experience – 2 out of 5
Theming – 2 out of 5
Gameplay – 2 out of 5
Enjoyment – 2 out of 5

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