Most Wanted (Breakout Manchester)

Given the length of time since the game, its not fair to write a fully review – games can change and evolve, memories fade and most importantly we hopefully(!) have improved a lot since our early games. This is more of a summary.

Game Date: July 2017
Game Number: 4
Price for Two: £38/£42 Off Peak/Peak

Game Overview
Think of yourselves as bounty hunters of the Wild West breaking in to a saloon in search of loot! The problem though… Someone’s recognised you from your Wanted posters and the Sheriff is hot on your tail! It’s a race to escape, although this time the bigger reward you collect, the higher up the leaderboard you go! Make sure you’re out by the time the Sheriff catches up to you (even if it means leaving some of your riches behind) or your loot means nothing and you’ll end up spending the night in a cell as Breakout Manchester’s Most Wanted!

Most Wanted has an interesting premise in that getting out the room is not your only task. Hidden around the room are casino chips and retrieving them will earn your position on the leader board. There were lots and lots of padlocks and code locks in this room and so at first we did find it a little overwhelming. It was clear that depsite the room being really large, you need to get into a second one to get the code to escape the room. The method of getting into this room was quite unique to us at the time and made for a fun moment. As there were so many locks in the room, more signposting as to which code opened which lock would have been good as spent quite some time trying the codes in each of the locks.

We escaped with 21.03 minutes remaining and so spent the rest of the time retrieving as many chips as possible. By the end of our time we had 36 chips which we were told was above average at time of playing. Clues came via a screen – our GM was only in her first week and it showed as the clues she gave were more answer rather than cryptic but everyone has to start somewhere I guess!

Apart from one puzzle, the rest of the puzzles in this room were quite straightforward and nothing groundbreaking. We did enjoy the fact that you had side quests to focus on but this addition and the resulting locks meant that the game felt a little confusing at times. Good value for money though as you get to use the whole hour regardless of how quick you escape! If you are serious about getting on the leader board then the more the merrier but Two players will not find it a challenge.

Customer Experience – 2.5 out of 5
Theming – 3.5 out of 5
Gameplay – 3 out of 5
Enjoyment – 3 out of 5
Overall – 3 out of 5

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