Virginia House (Lucardo Manchester)

Given the length of time since the game, its not fair to write a fully review – games can change and evolve, memories fade and most importantly we hopefully(!) have improved a lot since our early games. This is more of a summary.

Game Date: May 2017
Game Number: 1
Price for Two: £50

Game Overview
A serial killer is on the loose. Every hour, on the hour for the past 24 hours a murder has taken place. The killer has been leaving clues around the murder scenes, sending Scotland Yard around in circles. Your team has been granted access to the murder scene and is tasked with cracking the clues, riddles and puzzles to track down the next location before the murderer strikes again. An innocent life depends on you.

And so back to where it all began. Our very first escape room and what got us hooked in the first place! We were warmly welcome to the reception area by Orlando and then taken through the usual game brief. Orlando explained everything really well and despite have done it before we felt well prepared going into the room. Now, given it was our first game, we didn’t realise how many companies enjoy sending you into the room with a torch and the lights off. Having done many of these rooms now, it really frustrates me when rooms are dark for the sake of making it harder and not providing an addition to the story. Luckily, Virginia house didn’t feel this way and the lack of light felt like part the story. There are a lot of observational puzzles in this room and some work better that others in my opinion- there was one annoying one in particular that seemed to ambiguous and considering the quality of other puzzles in the room could have been made a lot better. In the room you where confronted with lots of things you would expect from a murder scene and lack of light in the beginning did provide a creepy level of immersion. This room is part of the “no matter what theme of the room, to exit you need to enter a code by the door” generation of rooms and because of this there was bit of a logic leap from solving the last puzzle to knowing what code you need to escape – that may have been just our inexperienced escape room brains though!

We managed to escape our very first room with 2.08 left on the clock after taking a lot of clues. They were delivered via a screen in the room.

Credit: Lucardo

Well it was obviously an enjoyable experience otherwise we wouldn’t be as obsessed as are! A good beginner room that is perfectly suitable for pairs.

Customer Experience – 4 out of 5
Theming – 4 out of 5
Gameplay – 3.5 out of 5
Enjoyment – 4 out of 5
Overall – 4 out of 5

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